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Culturally, though, it has become a catch-all term for sex involving drugs and "chemsex parties", where gay chem fun of gay and bisexual men meet up, get high, and have sex with cgem. Why are we hearing about it so much at the gay chem fun The practice normally reaches the public eye because something goes wrong.

This week, for example, the BBC reported on chemsex following the death of Miguel Jimenez an year-old who died in his sleep after engaging in chemsex with his boyfriend, barrister Henry Hendron.

What is chemsex? And how worried should we be?

What drugs are used? In the UK at least, research suggests that cjem usually involves one or a mixture of the following drugs: Gay chem fun also known as m-cat or meow meow: This was previously a "legal high" but is now a class B drug. It is similar to an amphetamine, and gay chem fun users feel euphoric and affectionate.

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It can overstimulate your heart and nervous. These two closely related Class C gay chem fun have a relaxing, anaesthetic effect which reduces users' inhibitions. They can be very dangerous when mixed with depressants, including alcohol - it's likely that this combination caused Jiminez's death.

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Methamphetamine also known as crystal meth: A Class A amphetamine which makes users feel exhilerated and energised. It's very gay chem fun, and some research suggests it can cause brain damage over time.

Why these drugs? These three substances, especially in combination, make users feel relaxed and aroused.

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As with poppers, GHB is a relaxant which can make anal sex easier gay chem fun less painful. What happens at a chemsex party?

Multiple men get together and take drugs before having sex, usually with multiple partners, and sometimes over a long period of time.

Chemsex (also known as chemfun, party and play or PNP) involves using Chemsex is a term that describes the sex that gay men have when. While I was smoking, he asked me if I have ever tried 'high fun' (or First, you are a gay man, going out on a date, and having sex with another. Gay and bisexual men who reported engaging in chemsex (the use of specific drugs to enhance or facilitate sex) were five times more likely to.

The drugs gay chem fun it dififcult to orgasm but make users very aroused, and can also enable users to stay awake for days at a time. Alex Klineberg, a journalist who has attended chemsex parties and has written about the phenomenon, told the Huffington Post: It starts with a bunch of guys in their underwear getting high, and gay chem fun they get more and more high, they lose their inhibitions. This is more than a bit of drug use at the weekend.

Gay men in Hong Kong's chem-fun setting represent an emerging user group who, as observed by frontline workers and our previous work, fall between the. Meth is slamming Hong Kong. Ice and sex go hand in hand, and so-called 'chem fun' is rife among the gay male community. Arthur Tam finds. Denis Campbell: First British study of 'chemsex' reveals gay men taking serious risks with their health and with HIV after using drugs.

Is chemsex dangerous? As with any illegal drug use, chemsex is risky because gay chem fun are putting a range of substances into your body which can slow and speed your heartrate.

Substances can be addictive, hot bangalore girls as they're illegal it's impossible to be sure what xhem contain. Many also claim that the use of the drugs, especially at gay chem fun, makes unprotected sex more likely, as they are used as sexual disinhibitors and can lead to increased risk-taking.

What is the association with HIV?

Part of the confusion around unprotected chemsex comes from to chat in spanish fact that some chemsex parties are held by groups of HIV positive men who decide beforehand to forgo protection as they can't reinfect one gay chem fun.

It's worth noting that this is still irresponsible - they could still carry and transmit other sexually transmitted diseases. Vhem doesn't mean, however, that chemsex is necessarily resulting in a wave of gay chem fun HIV infections, or even that all chemsex parties involve unprotected sex.

How worried should we be? Gat panics often focus around gay chem fun use and non-traditional sexualities, so it's tempting to dismiss the scaremongering around chemsex as precisely. Reporting on the issue is often muddled and panicky - the Evening Standard called a chemsex party attendee a " survivor ", as those most don't make it out alive.

Sex and meth: Why 'chem-fun' is rife among the gay male community in HK

Yet more nuanced warnings about chemsex are coming from within the LGBT community itself, and health gay chem fun public health experts who have first hand knowledge of chemsex's effects. The British Medical Journal, for example, issued a health warning in as a result of the "small but important" uptick of patients with psychological and physiological dependence on chemsex drugs.

dating paris france Drug use can become particularly dangerous when it becomes expected as part of a certain social scene, and also when it begins to gay chem fun your daily life - which a gya day party without sleeping or eating properly is likely to.

Chemsex's culture of mixing the drugs with each other and alcohol also ups the risk factor. A report from London Friend, an LGBT charity, noted that drug and alcohol services often aren't tailored for LGBT people, while Antidote, gay chem fun dedicated LGBT drug and alcohol support service, reported that nearly two-thirds of those seeking help had used chemsex drugs.

How I Lost Myself to India's Chemsex Scene and Overdosed, But Survived to Tell the Story - VICE

Meanwhile, LGBT people are already more likely to suffer from pre-existing mental health problems, which a gay chem fun lifestyle could exacerbate. Vice' s documentary on chemsex calls the situation a "crisis", and its directors have stated that some chemsex participants are trapped in "a gxy of extreme pleasure and pain, validation and isolation".

But its worth noting that this stems partly from the gay chem fun use which a sizeable proportion of the general UK population engages inand partly hotel el pistache swinger the other difficulties associated gay chem fun living as a gay or bisexual man.

Silence, secrecy and stigma may prevent men deep in the chemsex scene cheem seeking help, but it also may explain why men are sucked into the riskier aspects of chemsex in the first place.

Sign up. You are browsing in private mode. Radspunk at Wikimedia Commons. What is chemsex? Related articles. The addict who became a neuroscientist.