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Gay male sex

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There are certain scenarios that many gay men live in fear of. Getting a haircut from a new, heterosexual barber. Kicking a gay male sex back to a group of lads in the park.

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Sending your dad a text gah for your daddy by mistake. Oh, just me then? When it comes to sex, the potential for awkward situations is even higher.

Particularly when, for lack of other options and holesanal sex is the default setting for many gay men.

Of course, some queer men prefer other sex acts, gay male sex while anal might not be everyone's favoured release, it is undoubtedly a big part of gay male culture. A dreaded gay sex scenario can happen if mess, otherwise known as shit, appears during the deed.

To avoid this, lots of gay men douche their bumhole with liquid. Nature often takes its course unexpectedly, particularly if food, drink or other substances have been consumed.

gay male sex

For many, this involves altering their eating habits when they know sex is on the horizon, or constructing a diet that enables easier anal sex. Drew, who gay male sex lives in London, tells me that because he has a boyfriend, he makes significant changes to his diet to acommodate regular sex.

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Drew also cuts out other foods. However Damian reckons that the fear of mess during sex is gay male sex psychological: Some bottoms tell me that nerves relating to bad experiences have put them off certain foods for life.

Even the smell reminds me of that evening. Put it this way: Evan Goldstein, sxe and CEO gay male sex Bespoke Surgical, says that nerves before sex can have an effect on the digestive transit.

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The goal is to attempt gay male sex minimise any anxiety and set the stage for success. If one cannot, then call off the troops for that night. Given these reservations, a healthy diet can play a big gaj in feeling at ease during anal sex.

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Some bottoms take this need for fibre to more extreme levels. Matthew, a vegetarian, tells me he regularly uses fibre packages.

Damian, on the other hand, takes Imodium, a diarrhoea treatment, to keep the poo from moving. However gay male sex Goldstein and nutritionist Hobson do not advise using such substances.

Ultimately the perfect bottoming diet, much like the perfect shag, depends entirely on the person.